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Art No: LSC-8099
Description: Lined Metal Band Sub Collar
Art No: LSC-8098
Description: Male Ellipse Stainless Steel Cross Cuffs toys
Size: Diameter 10.0cm, Width 0.8cm
Art No: LSC-8100
Description: Male Stainless Steel Wrist Manacles toys
Size: Diameter 6.8cm, Width 4.0cm
Art No: LSC-8102
Description: Separable Wrist & Ankle Restraints
Art No: LSC-8103
Description: Separable Wrist & Ankle Restraints
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Art No: LSC-8096
Description: Leather Premium Locking Arm Splints Length 16
Art No: LSC-8097
Description: Luxury Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Model-T Neck-Wrist
Size: Diameter 13.2cm, Wrist Cuffs 6.0cm, Width 2.0cm, Length 20.0cm
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Art No: LSC-8101
Description: Female Stainless Steel Wrist cuffs toys
Size: 5.6cm, Width 4.0cm, Length 26.5cm