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GYNECOLOGY INSTRUMENTS                             PAGE 13
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Art No: LSC-1182
Description: Braun Organ and Tissue Grasping Forceps
Size: 16 cm
Art No: LSC-1183
Description: Czerny Organ and Tissue Grasping Forceps
Size: 20 cm
Art No: LSC-1184
Description: Uterine Tenaculum Forceps
Size: 4 x 4, 26 cm
Art No: LSC-1185
Description: Pratt Vulsellum Forceps
Size: 28 cm
Art No: LSC-1186
Description: Bonney Hystrectomy Clamp
Size: 27cm
Art No: LSC-1187
Description: Bonney Vaginal Forceps T shaped
Size: 27cm
Art No: LSC-1188
Description: Maingot Hystrectomy Forceps straight
Size: 20 cm, 24 cm
Art No: LSC-1189
Description: Maingot Hystrectomy Forceps Corved
Size: 20 cm, 24 cm
Art No: LSC-1190
Description: Gwilliams Hystrectomy Forceps Straight
Size: 1 x 2T, 20 cm
Art No: LSC-1191
Description: Gwilliams Hystrectomy Forceps Corved
Size: 1 x 2T, 20 cm
Art No: LSC-1192
Description: Kelly Uterine Polypus Forceps
Size: 32 cm
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