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GYNECOLOGY INSTRUMENTS                             PAGE 14
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Art No: LSC-1193
Description: Noto Uterus Polypus Forceps
Size: 27 cm
Art No: LSC-1194
Description: Doyen Uterine Polypus Forceps
Size: 20 cm
Art No: LSC-1195
Description: Dartigues Uterine Elevating Forceps
Size: 27 cm
Art No: LSC-1196
Description: Somer Uterine Holding and Elevating Forceps
Size: 23 cm
Art No: LSC-1197
Description: Pruesmann Uterine Elevating Forceps
Size: 27.5 cm
Art No: LSC-1198
Description: Collin Uterine Elevating Forceps
Size: 25 cm
Art No: LSC-1199
Description: Thomas Gaylor Biopsy Forceps
Size: 24 cm
Art No: LSC-1200
Description: Thomas Gaylor Cervical biopsy Forceps
Size: 22 cm, 24 cm
Art No: LSC-1201
Description: Van Doren (Schumacher) Biopsy Forceps
Size: 24cm
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