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GYNECOLOGY INSTRUMENTS                             PAGE 20
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Art No: LSC-1242
Description: Blake Uterine Curette sharp/blunt
Size: 27cm
Art No: LSC-1243
Description: Sims Uterine Curette sharp
Size: 25cm
Art No: LSC-1244
Description: Sims Uterine Curette sharp/blunt
Size: 25cm
Art No: LSC-1245
Description: Universal Uterine Curette
Size: 28cm Fig 1 compl
Art No: LSC-1246
Description: Rheinstadter Flushing Curette sharp/Blunt
7.9mm, 29cm
11.1mm, 29cm
14.3mm, 29cm

Art No: LSC-1247
Description: Chelsea Hospital Uterine Curette
Size: 31cm
Art No: LSC-1248
Description: Donald Uterine Curette Sharp
Size: 33cm
Art No: LSC-1249
Description: Randall Biopsy Aspirating Curette
1mm dia, 24cm
2mm dia, 24cm
3mm dia, 24cm
4mm dia, 24cm