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GYNECOLOGY INSTRUMENTS                             PAGE 04
Art No: LSC-1103
Description: Breisky Retractor, Navratil-Style with Heart Shaped Tip
100mm x 18mm/4in x .5in
100mm x 25mm/4in x 1in
100mm x 30mm/4in x 1.25in
100mm x 35mm/4in x 1.3in
100mm x 38mm/4in x 1.5in
120mm x 30mm/4.5in x 1.25in
130mm x 25mm/5.3in x 1in
130mm x 35mm/5.3in x 1.3in
140mm x 35mm/5.5in x 1.3in
150mm x 35mm/6in x 1.3in
160mm x 35mm/6.25in x 1.3in
170mm x 25mm/6.75in x 1in
Art No: LSC-1104
Description: Landau Speculum
105 x 28 mm

Art No: LSC-1102
Description: Bozemann Vaginal Speculum complete set
70 x 30 mm
80 x 35 mm
90 x 35 mm
100 x 35 mm
80 x 30 mm
85 x 33 mm
100 x 35 mm
110 x 42 mm

Art No: LSC-1105
Description: Friedmann Retractor Perineorr
10 cm

Art No: LSC-1106
Description: Jolls Self Retractor Thyroid and Vaginal Retractor
15 cm

Art No: LSC-1107
Description: Comyns Berkeley Vulva Retractor

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