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BALLING GUNS                                                         PAGE 01
Art No: LSC-4310
Cow or Horse Balling Gun
Straight with spring. Stainless steel head 1" x 3-1/4". Takes 1/2- and 1-oz. capsules. Inside diameter 3/4"/20 mm. 17" long
Art No: LSC-4311
Medium Bolus Gun
Sturdily constructed balling gun with 5/8" dia. and reinforced head for sheep, calves, or colts. Plastic head with chrome-plated body to resist corrosion. Includes spring clips. Overall length is 13".
Art No: LSC-4312
Metal Balling Gun with Spring Clips
Farmer's balling gun with bolus spring clips, 2 3/8" steel head (1" diameter) 16" long
Art No: LSC-4313
Metal Multi-Capsule Pistol Grip balling gun with 12" travel.  17 long.
Art No: LSC-4314
Reusable metal balling gun with a plastic head. Overall length is 12 1/4".
Art No: LSC-4315
Balling gun
Art No: LSC-4316
The most versatile insemination gun on the market today. This convenient gun will seat both cc and cc semen straws with ease. No need to change ends or use adapters. O-ring gun uses slit sheath with green insert.
17 1/2" long, 21" long, 25" long,