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DENTAL EXTRACTING FORCEPS                        PAGE 01
Art No:- LSC-2500
Description:- Upper cetrals & canines
Art No:- LSC-2501
Description:- Upper Laterals & bicuspids
Art No:- LSC-2502
Description:- Upper incisors & canines
Art No:- LSC-2503
Description:- Lower incisors & canines
Art No:- LSC-2504
Description:- Upper primolars
Art No:- LSC-2505
Description:- Lower primolars
Art No:- LSC-2506
Description:- Lower primolars
Art No:- LSC-2507
Description:- Right upper molars
Art No:- LSC-2508
Description:- Left upper molars
Art No:- LSC-2509
Description:- Upper molars
Art No:- LSC-2511
Description:- Upper wisdoms
Art No:- LSC-2512
Description:- Lower wisdoms
Art No:- LSC-2510
Description:- Lower molar
Art No:- LSC-2513
Description:- Lower molars Hawk's bill
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